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The Familiar


How often do we sit and reflect upon our own nature?

Life is a series of moments, each of which, is a chance to remember the familiar. Some say we have forgotten it, while others demand proof. However, this sense of familiarity rushes up to the surface in moments of solitude. Now anything can be up for debate, but no one can deny, that we and the universe are of the same source. The ingredients by which everything is physically made, are identical for both the universe and everyone experiencing it. So perhaps, ‘the familiar’, stems from this physical connection. The only difference between us and the universe, is the fact, that we are aware of this grand cosmic experience. This means, because of this awareness, ‘the familiar’ must extend beyond the physical boundaries of human flesh and subatomic particles. So really, it is the source of this awareness that we must all reflect on, for it is the light by which you and I can exist. We are that part of the universe looking onto itself. So don’t we owe it to ourselves to discover the true essence of who and what we really are? 
I believe we do.

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